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Since the day i was born, i guess people always knew that no matter what i would become something special. My mom and everyone  else told me that i was always special from thinking so far out of the box that it would even make some of the greatest minds in hisorty shiver. I guess she was right, because from a young age i was already thinking about great inventions and taking computers apart just from memory. During the first ten years of my life i guess i can say things was always easy for me because my mom always took care of us no matter what. I was always emotionally disable and couldn't for the life of me figure out the reason why. I always knew it was possibly because i couldn't find anyone to relate to me or at the most understand where i was coming from on things. Around the time i reach my young teen years i was almost in complete depression but that would change at least for a while. For years i would go through some hellish years trying to figure out who i was and how to be comfortable with that person that i took on.  I would have a couple of associates here and there but none that would influence me enough to call them friends. Around 2003 almost a week after christmas i lost my virginity and found out just how life would be full of suprise and confusing thoughts. I would challenge myself wtih my sexuality and even more spin myself into a deeper confusing state of mind. I finally admitted to my mom about being gay and then the world. Around 2005 i figure i couldn't fight it anymore after dropping out of school and loosing my job, my life spun into a deep pit of demonic emotions. I experience several drugs just to cope with what i was going through at the time. No one believed that i was that involved with depression so it made it even more worse for me. Already alone more people that i brought into my life it just made it worse because people cheated on me, betrayed me, or just played with my mind. Sounds just like everyday life right. Well tell that to a 18 year old boy who never had anyone he could confide into. Well about this time my life would be destroyed i didn't have a job, wasn't in school, my first attempt at getting a GED failed by only 10 points, i lacked friends, and my family hated me being gay at the most. I was finish with life and thought it best for me to leave and say my goodbyes so i wrote a letter so my parents could find them.  I had everything from a knife, pills, and knew where to get my mom's bebe gun. Everything was plan and i was on the phone with my so called bestfriend at the time, but  nothing was getting better and everything just was pushing me even further to kill myself. After several failed attempts thats when i relize for the first time that i must be here for a reason unknown to me. So all attempts on my life was destroyed and i was finally out of depression. AT least for the time being. During February 2006 i got a good job at Wal-mart which would be the first of many walmart jobs. I stayed there to help rebuild the store. In the summer i found myself back at the same point with no job and another failed attempt at getting my GED. But god didn't want me to go back to those times so he painted a road for me to travel. I left to Lindenwold, New Jersey where i met some interesting characters. It wasn't a good experience to be around most of them but there were some that changed my life. One in paticular became my long lasting bestfriend which still today i manage to keep close more than anyone else. In 2007 i made it to Philadelphia which was a bad idea both physically, emotionally, educationally, and financially. After months of stuggling i finally found myself another job , Wal-mart this time for the 3rd time. It would be hell on earth with these people but the money was good especially for 9.90 and hour. I transfered from philadelphia to Atlanta. In atlanta i found a new life and a new outlook on everything. I worked at wal-mart , made good associates while there, a first for me. Months later i would go through roommate trouble which ended in early July 2008. In mid 2008 i was reunited with my boyfriend and only other good friend from philadelphia next to Randy, (Kevin-Bestfriend). Still today we are together and i manage to keep steady even after loosing my job in july. A month later i got another job at Sears and got back on track alittle, still struggling i manage to get back on track by joining the gym in late november. In mid Janurary, i got my GED. By mid to late February i got my body where i wanted it. Now in early March i am looking toward the future and doing my thing with now a good job, my GED, and my body the way i want it at.

My Stats

Age: 22
Favorite Color: BLUE
Favorite Actor-Actress: Aylssa Milano & Keanu Reeves
Favorite Singer-Songwriter: Christina Aguilera & Ne-Yo
Favorite Food: Pizza, Burgers, Meetloaf & Pasta
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Choices are made with our decisions and not by our actions alone. If you must find a place where you can be yourself then first start by looking inside your heart and then try looking around you and you might find what your looking for. But never know you might find that its someone that has been around you all the time.